Château Carbonnieux Red 2021



Varietal blend
60% Cabernet Sauvignon
30% Merlot
% Cabernet Franc
5% Petit Verdot

Alcohol by volume

Quantity produced
160 000 bottles

Size of the vineyard
55 ha

Average age of vines
25 years old

Grape varieties
50% Cabernet Sauvignon,
42% Merlot,
4% Cabernet Franc
4%Petit Verdot

Soil type
Deep gravels, clay and limestone

Vineyard skills
Sustainable agriculture

Yields in hls/ha
40 hls/ha

Maturing/ageing : 15 to 18 months in barrels

Owner's words
The 2021 vintage will leave a great feeling of pride in the memories of our winegrowers because fo the need to thwart the ugly tricks of Mothe Nature. The first buds had barely come out, when Bordeaux suffered ten icy nights between April 7 and 18 which forced our teams to stay awake to control the risk of frost in the vines. With the help of fires of straw at the most critical moments, the losses recorded were minimal. At carbonnieux, the riskiest nights were April 7 and 8 (-5°C at the lowest). After this difficult phase, the vines grew slowly but surely thanks to pleasant weather in mid-spring. In mid-June, the weather deteriorated with heavy rains which triggered an attack of mildew, fortunately confined to the leaves of most grapes varieties. Only the Merlots grow organically and pruned late suffered a little. The typically oceanic summer protected the vines from the extreme heat but caused continuous high disease pressure. The rigor of our viticultural practices, throughout the year, both on the soil and on the vines, made a real difference this year because it helped to prevent contagion of strains such as mildew or others. The pickers harvested very fine grapes with everything one could wish for: sugar, acidity, very interesting aromatic notes and decent yields. 2021 is shaping up, against all odds, to be full of promise.